JV football finish with winning record

JV football finish with winning record

By Danielle Scott Posted December 12, 2021

Lowry’s JV football team had a quality year with a record of 5-3-1. One highlight of the team was beating Douglas to start the season right.

With freshmen just learning where they fit in high school football, the sophomores had to teach them the ropes and challenge them to do their hundred percent at each game.

”Sophomores have been around so they know what they’re doing, they’ve been good directors,” said coach Greg Scott. ”They have done a good job being the leaders out there.”

Though the season was up and down at times it was great to have the opportunity to not only have fans to cheer them on, but also to come back during the homecoming game to beat Fernley.

“One thing I think is a really big highlight of the season was being able to have fans and a normal amount of games which has made this season a lot better,” said Jacob Woolsey, the sophomore starting center, and linebacker.

With every good season comes a loss that teaches a team what to expect in the future, for the players this meant the games against their rivals, Elko.

“The first game against Elko was really bad because they came out ready to go and we just kind of gave up,” said Jhett Harber, a freshman starting the defensive line and offensive line.

/Ally Green and Natalie Pacheco • The Brand
/Ally Green and Natalie Pacheco • The Brand

The Buckaroo’s however played Elko twice, though both resulted in a loss it did propel the team to work harder in the future.

“One of my personal favorite things about this season was having the opportunity to play Elko two times,” said Woolsey. “Losing to Elko when we got two chances to win was pretty disappointing.”

Ultimately the season was great, everyone had a favorite game and a number one moment. It could be because of the tight win, or the challenge they provided.

“A highlight of the season for me was I really liked the game against Lovelock,” said Harber. ”It looked like a pretty good game early on and we kind of pulled together and we beat them.”

This year’s JV/freshman team was filled with spirit and laced with confidence. They fought for every win and were able to continue standing even when they didn’t have their full team.

“An interesting game was tied at Dayton with some of our younger players and yes it’s been a good year they were coachable and good kids,” said Scott.

/Ally Green and Natalie Pacheco  • The Brand
/Ally Green and Natalie Pacheco • The Brand