JV girls dominate Wolverines in final game of the season

JV girls dominate Wolverines in final game of the season

By Jolyn Garcia Posted February 15, 2012

“Legit” this is the word that captain, Jasmin Landa, uses to describe her team and the season.

Sitting in the locker room after their last game, the girls are laughing and talking about how well they did against West Wendover winning 49-12. Prior to the game Landa said that the team would start out strong.

“We believe in and trust each other, which is very important in basketball. But you can never be too confident. You just have to set your mind to work hard,” said Landa

When you watch these girls on the court, their determination is clearly displayed on their faces. Each one is as serious as they could be on the court but off the court they and laughing and smiling. The girls are confident about becoming Varsity players next year.

Coach Chelsea Mendiola commented that she was proud of the team this year.

Mendiola said, “They were awesome, they improved every day and I was proud of all the little things they did.”

“We started as individuals and finished as a team”, said Meg Montero.

One of the things that the players will never forget about the season was beating Spring Creek. After losing to the Spartans, the girls worked hard to improve and defeated them on their own court. JaeCee Munger said that they “battled hard times and came together as a team.”

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