JV Softball adds another win to their undefeated season

By Hayley Goldblatt Posted April 29, 2012

The JV softball team battled the Wells High Leopards this week to continue their undefeated season. The game wasn’t even close with Lowry winning 10-0.

One of Lowry’s outfielders, Jorden Raynor, said, “I felt pretty good about the game, but I wish we had a little more competition. We all played hard and did what we needed to do.”

While the pitcher, Taylor Schwartz, added, “Wells was one of our only loses last year and it felt good to beat them and average that loss.”

So far, Lowry’s JV Softball team has been undefeated, even though there is a negative side to it.

“I feel that we should have had more competition because then we could have felt that we earned it instead of walking all over the other teams,” said Raynor.

But Schwartz is of a different opinion. “I think we really deserve this. We’ve all worked really hard and we’ve all improved a lot since the season started.”

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