JV softball keeps perfect record

By Taylor LaTray Posted April 20, 2012

On Saturday, April 7, JV softball played in Elko for one of their closer games. So far the girls have been undefeated with a record of 23-0, this game was just another win to their record-keeping them at number one.

According to JV softball coach Dana Peters, the level of competition they have faced this year has varied and Lowry girls have been able to make the necessary adjustments to win against all their opponents. Elko had a good pitcher who would get ahead in the count and then throw junk. In the early innings, Lowry was chasing her pitches and not getting on base. After Peters instructed them to take a breather they were able to settle down and score some runs. They ended the first game with a final of 8-3.

Lowry completed their second game of the doubleheader with 15-1 win.

Peters said the three girls that have stood out thus far in the season are all pitchers; Taylor Schwartz, Kylee McClellan, and Alyssa Dendary. She said they have worked really hard on their pitching all season and in the off-season.

“They are eager to learn and use new pitches and they are all getting stronger mentally as well. I am very proud of all of them and they make my job as a pitching coach very easy,” said Peters.

JV softball’s season is not yet over, and they plan to continue their perfect record by working on their playing with intensity but staying loose at the same time.

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