Kelly Zhelayev named Math Student of the Week

Kelly Zhelayev named Math Student of the Week

By Rosie Chavez and Alora McClure Posted September 28, 2021

Mr. Austin Mayo, a math teacher at Lowry High School, has chosen sophomore Kelly Zhelayev from one of many math classes that he teaches as the Student of the Week.

Mayo chose Zhelayev because “Kelly’s always participating in class. And she beat me double or nothing.” 

When Mayo was asked about where he sees Zhelayev heading in the near future his response was priceless, “I don’t know but I do know it’s bright.” 

Zhelayev’s goal is to be a surgeon.

“My favorite subject is math [but I also] like to play volleyball, I like to study medicine, I like to play instruments,” said Zhelayev. 

Zhelayev has always been a very smart, bright, and positive person. 

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