Kenzi Dowd, becomes a softball star while still keeping her head in the game

Kenzi Dowd, becomes a softball star while still keeping her head in the game

By Alexis Galarza Posted June 2, 2021

Kenzi Dowd, a junior at Lowry High School, has demonstrated many leadership and Athlete of the Week qualities.

Mr. Austin Mayo, her softball coach, elaborates on the idea about how Dowd is always someone to count on because she is always working.

“You know that she is going to compete every time she takes the field or steps into the batter’s box,” said Mayo.

Dowd’s favorite part about playing her position is how little room she has to move and the quick reaction time needed to play.

“I don’t have room for mistakes because usually, as an outfield, you back up the infield mistakes,” said Dowd.

Playing since she was about seven years old explains her natural leadership qualities.

“She isn’t a very vocal leader but rather leads by example,” said Mayo.

However, Dowd is not afraid to speak up. She always finds a way to help someone on the team, whether it is just someone the team can confide in or showing the younger girls what’s expected of them in the Lowry softball program.

Dowd has realized the most important thing she’s learned throughout her years of playing softball is always to have fun.

“I think you should enjoy what you’re doing while still having your head in the game,” said Dowd.

Dowd has played for Lowry, but she was also part of a Gold Rush travel team during the summer. Dowd used her travel season to get back into the game before the high school season, which she explains is worth a lot more.

“Travel ball is more of a goof-off season for me personally, and you get to go up and just do whatever and play, but school ball you actually play for something, state,” said Dowd. “Which makes it so much more exciting to play for because you’re always looking forward and working for something.

“She has grown in her three years with us into a player that we can truly depend on and have no questions about what we are going to get from her when we insert her into the lineup,” said Mayo.

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