Lady Buckaroos host invitational tournament

Lady Buckaroos host invitational tournament

By Mary Granath Posted December 17, 2008

On Thursday, December 4 the Lady Bucks defeated Elko 60-49. Morgen Thacker was the team’s lead scorer in the game with 22 points, followed by Skylar Estes who contributed 14 points to the score.

The game began with Lowry winning the tip-off. One minute later, Darrian Black was fouled by a Wooster player and made one of her two free throws giving Lowry the lead. Two minutes later Estes scored her first points of the night on a lay-up. Thacker followed this only seconds later with another lay-up, bringing the score to 5- 0.

Wooster responded to Lowry’s early lead by being called on traveling numerous times in the first three minutes resulting in a number of turnovers for Lowry.

Thacker added four more points to Lowry’s score before Wooster made their first points which were followed by Thacker sinking her first of three 3-pointers. By the end of the first quarter Thacker had scored her second 3-pointer and point guard Amaya Criswell had given Lowry an extra five points, one of which was earned on a technical foul.

The second quarter started off with Thacker making her third 3-pointer of the night. Wooster scored twice in the following minutes before Estes went in for another lay-up making the score 23-11. Wooster was fouled four times before the quarter ended resulting in a number of free throws that brought the score to 25-22. Estes added three more points to the board before the half, one from a free throw, bringing the score to 28-22 at the half.

The Bucks went into the third quarter determined to come out on top. Wooster added 12 points to their score before the quarter’s end but post, Darrian Black stepped in for Lowry with three consecutive lay-ups. Black’s eight points, combined with another lay-up from Estes, sent the game into the final quarter 38-35.

The fourth quarter opened with a lay-up from Wooster but Black quickly countered with a lay-up of her own. Thacker added two points to Lowry’s score with two free throws, and Estes swiftly followed with yet another layup. Desirae Lemm added an additional four points, and Lowry gained an extra ten points from free throws, five of which were made by Criswell.

The game ended with a final score of 60-49 and Lowry advanced to the next round of the tournament. The Lady Buck’s fell to the Hug Hawks and Elko in the next two games placing them fourth in the rankings overall.

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