Leadership happenings

Leadership happenings

By Macie Mavity Posted November 23, 2011

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

This past October Lowry’s Leadership class got the opportunity to go to the Northern Nevada Regional Conference in Spring Creek. The theme was a reality TV show theme, “Making Leadership a Reality”.

The conference consisted of workshops given by high school leadership students, a motivational speaker, JC Groups which are small groups some of which were lead by some of Lowry’s Leadership students, and lunch where we had a Hunger Relief demonstration. The JC Leaders from Lowry were Macie Mavity, Candace Comeau, Anna Gutierrez, Alli Lampshire, and Julia Dufurrena. They were in charge of leading conversations and games during JC Group time.

Candace was asked what her favorite part of being a JC Leader was, and she replied “Being in charge.”

She was also asked the biggest challenge she replied “Getting people to warm up to each other”.

The Hunger Relief Demonstration was a demonstration where everyone was randomly placed in groups, upper class, middle class, and lower class. The Spring Creek leadership students talked about people from other countries in each class and situations they might end up in, some students then had to move from one class to another based on the situation, some got moved up and some down.

After the upper class got their full meal, the middle got Gatorade and chips, and the lower class had a little rice and a little water, not enough for the whole group. After the demonstration everyone had lunch. It was an eye-opener to see how much of the world is in the lower class leading a harder life with less food while not very many people are in the upper class with plenty of food and an easier life. 

Other leadership students were asked their favorite part of the conference, Candace Comeau said “The speaker”, Christian Dawson said “The Hunger Relief Demonstration”, and Karen Esparza said “The speaker.” When asked what workshop they learned the most from, Candace said “The Communication Builder because I learned a lot and it showed me ways to communicate and make friends in ways I didn’t think of before.”

Christian replied, “The Trust Circle, it taught me that if you don’t trust someone they won’t trust you.”

Karen said “Pressing Issues in Africa, it shined light on issues we don’t think about in the U.S.”

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