Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

By Araceli Galarza Posted: December 18, 2020

Dear Santa,

Yes, it’s me again. I just wanted to say that life is a full circle; in 2017, my good friend Julianna Gonzalez asked you for a new president. I mean, it took three years, but hey, you delivered. You also came through, and I did pass the AP Bio test despite all the COVID drama. It gives me hope that what I’m going to ask you might become a reality. 

This year I want scholarships, I don’t know if you have a north pole scholarship that will magically pay for all my tuition and fees, but I need to get at least thirty if you don’t. 

I also really want socks, but ones that magically will rejoin once they’ve been separated. That way, I don’t have to spend half my life looking for matching socks.

This is also a stretch, but I want a Tesla. I don’t have any solid reasoning besides the fact that I want one, and this is my letter to you, so I should talk about what I want. 

I also would appreciate it if you could help my mental health just a tad. Applying to college and for scholarships is stressful. It’s scary not knowing what’s about to happen.

Most importantly, I want you to give my sister the strongest will to live. She has never been alone. This year when I go off to college, I want to know that she’ll be able to stand my parents without me. I also want her to break out of her shell so she can follow in my footsteps just a little bit. 

For Espy I want you to bring him students who finish their work on time or ahead of time. He desperately needs someone like this. Someone who isn’t selfish and a good writer who can challenge him academically. While we are on the topic of my favorite teacher maybe some more of those green pants he found on Amazon. He was really excited about those. 

Now to seem less selfish let’s talk about what you can do for the world. You know end world hunger world peace the basics. But also things like people in power who don’t abuse it, people who don’t make everything political and can follow stay at home orders. 

Anyway, that’s it; that’s all I can think about always. Ciao, see you next year. 

Love, Araceli

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