LOL! Your funniest senior memories. . .

LOL! Your funniest senior memories. . .

By Maria-Elise Kitras Posted June 2, 2011

Four years ago a group of highly intelligent and sophisticated freshmen entered through the great doors of Lowry High. On June 2nd these once beloved freshmen, now seniors will exit the doors to move on to higher levels of education.

In tribute to the glorious graduation of our beloved friends, the Brand is dedicating an article to the funniest of senior memories of their last four years to leave behind as a legacy of the class of 2011. Recall if you will the splendid days of the past four years of Lowry High. Many wonderful memories include the fun days like the marshmallow fight in Mr. Nickish’s chemistry class or the carwash that many seniors remember with a twinkle in their eyes and a smile upon their lips.

During this 2010-2011 school year many memories will warm the hearts of our beloved seniors as they reflect on days gone by, but for many seniors even older memories of years before the senior stage cause them to throw back their heads and howl with laughter.

When asked about her funniest memory Kyrstin Hori replied, “My brother Ryan, in band, all of a sudden he decides to get this really weird look on his face, and he looks over at me and he’s like ‘Kyrstin, you want to smell my reed?’”

Senior Rachelle Dennis smiles and laughs as she remembers her last four years and tries to pick out the funniest memory. When she selects one she says, “I was a sophomore; for Homecoming, me, Morgan and Missy, all dressed up as hobos. We had a few people think we were actually guys. When it was clash day, they did my hair and they put a Gatorade bottle inside and my hair was long and they put the Gatorade bottle inside and they pulled all my hair up on it and wrapped my hair around it and then my hair was sitting up. I had to bend down to go through the doors.”

Senior Luis Gutierrez smiled as he remembered this memory, “Me, Ivan, and Yoyo [Christian Perez] wrestled and Yoyo’s sweat smells like French fries, so I’d always want to wrestle him because he smells delicious.”

Luis Gutierrez. /Courtesy • Winnada
Luis Gutierrez. /Courtesy • Winnada

One of the funniest stories of all came from Sawyer Woolever, a class clown if anyone ever saw one.

Recounting a lunchtime activity, Woolever said, “So they have this contest out here, and they had to have candy, and a pie tin full of whipped cream. Jaren stole one and he acted like he was throwing it at people, and so I ran up and I ducked my whole head in it. He was just standing there [with an expression on his face] like, ‘What?’ I had a doughnut and I started eating the doughnut with whipped cream on my face. He got in trouble and got sent to detention. I [said] it was my fault and they said, ‘All right, you can come in. You are getting in trouble too.’

The story has a mixed ending. Jaren Cornwall was sent to detention. Senior Seth Wiggins, who was in the office, was sent out and Woolever went to talk to Wiggins. Since he was not in the office Woolever did not get in trouble with the whipped cream incident.

As the seniors graduate and go on with their lives, their memories will serve as a link to the past as they reflect on their high school years. Along with the rest of The Brand, I wish that the rest of your journey in life may be a happy and successful one.

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