Lowry announces staff members of the year

Lowry announces staff members of the year

By Araceli Galarza Posted June 4, 2020

Lowry hosts some of the most caring and dedicated teachers but every year there are a few teachers who just go the extra mile, this year those lovely ladies are Diana Padua and Marian Hamry.

Diana was named Teacher of the Year due to her extensive work at Options, formerly known as PASS. Principal Ray Parks appreciates all the hard work.

“Diana has been an outstanding addition to our staff and has done an incredible job working with our most at-risk students at the Options Center,” explained Parks. “Each year Diana combines her very effective instruction with her kind and caring personality to help her students graduate on time with their peers. Diana Padua is truly what is great about teaching and helping students succeed.”

Marian was named the Support Staff Member of the Year. She has worked very hard. Parks celebrates her outstanding work with students and staff.

“Marian Hamry has been selected as Lowry High School’s Support Staff Person of the Year for her outstanding work with our students and staff,” said Parks. “Marian has worked for our school district for many years and came to Lowry to assist our Special Education Department. Our students have benefitted from her tireless work ethic and her positive personality that gives our st

dents the care and compassion that they need to succeed.”

Amazing teachers all share similar qualities. Padua and Hamry are no strangers to these specific qualities, both described similar qualities that a great educator must have.

“They must be understanding and motivated people who meet each students’ individual needs and goals,” explained Hamry.

“An excellent educator treats each student as an individual and meets each student where he or she is and brings them to where he or she needs to be to be successful, both academically and emotionally.” said Padua “An excellent educator recognizes the unique talents and learning needs of each student and uses these attributes to build success.”

Being a great educator does come with struggles, Padua and Hamry describe these challenges.

“One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is building trust with students,” explained Padua. “ From the first day of school, I work with students to help them to understand my trust in them to work together with me on their educational goals. I am open and honest with them about my high expectations and my commitment to help them to bring their best every day to my classroom. I build close relationships with students by genuinely caring about all aspects of their lives. I am their champion and let them know that I believe in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves. Once students understand the level of my loyalty to them, they open up and push themselves to learn and grow in our work together toward their graduation.”

“The most challenging part of being an educator is seeing students in need,” said Hamry. “I can work around it by being their advocate so they can become successful in life.”

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