Lowry Cross Country team starts open gym practices

Lowry Cross Country team starts open gym practices

By Chris Gildone Posted February 5, 2021

Practices will be for conditioning. They started Monday, February 1 and practices will be after school on Monday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Kristin Flanders the head cross country coach and a teacher at Lowry ensures that COVID guidelines will be followed.

“We will have to do all the protocol like asking each athlete if they have been exposed or been in contact with people who have the virus, we will take their temperatures and do things six feet apart for practice, like stretching,” said Flanders.

The cross country season is looking optimistic, but it might be a little different.  

“We are not a contact sport so we don’t have that problem,” said Flanders. “Our competitions are going to look a little strained.”

Cross country is outside and is a non-contact sport, so there’s a good chance of it happening but runners will be able to take their masks off when they run so that they will be able to control their breathing better.

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  1. hey well im doing distance ed and i was told that i can particapate in activitys, sports, and such but i wanted to try out track but idk if im a little late or am i still in time?

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