Lowry students choose military service

Lowry students choose military service

By Chris Gildone Posted June 10, 2021

One of the serving students will join the US Military. Christopher McGuire, a senior at Lowry, will be joining the Army National Guard as a 15 Tango, which is a Black Hawk mechanic. He will go through a total of 28 weeks of training, then he will attend UNR to receive his bachelor’s degree in business.

McGuire joined the military because he likes the opportunities presented.

“I chose military service because many of my family members in the past have been in the military and there are tons of benefits and opportunities for anyone that joins,” said McGuire.

Trinity Gordon. /Courtesy • Winnada
Trinity Gordon. /Courtesy • Winnada

After college, he will be able to become an officer in the Army because of his Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) which is a college program offered at colleges and universities that prepares young adults to be officers in the U.S. Military. He wants to become a pilot after his time at UNR.

Another graduating student joining the military is Trinity Gordon. She will be doing an IT job called 25 Bravo. Which is an Information Technology Specialist. She will be going to basic training and AIT for a total of 30 weeks. She will then go to UNR for the ROTC program as well as the medical program to become a Physician’s Assistant.

“I chose the military because I want to serve our country as well as the amazing opportunities I will have for education and traveling,” said Gordon.

Omar Flores. /Courtesy • Winnada
Omar Flores. /Courtesy • Winnada

Gordon is inspired by people who can put others before themselves no matter what they are dealing with.

Omar Flores is another Lowry senior that will go into the military. He will be joining the Army. He has always felt that he would serve in the Army.

“I’ve always seen myself joining the military since a young age I never really questioned it,” said Flores.

Flores feels that he needs to serve his country and has respect for all the men and women who are serving or have served.

“I feel like I owe to my country because of everything it has given us,” said Flores. “I look up to everyone who has or is currently serving in the military because of the bravery they’ve shown and the sacrifice they’ve given.”

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