Lowry suffers tough loss to Fernley, 51-0

Lowry suffers tough loss to Fernley, 51-0

By Stephanie Cochrane Posted October 22, 2008

Lowry’s varsity football team kept their heads up Friday night to battle through the homecoming game against Fernley.

Head coach Tim Billingsley knew it was going to be tough because of injuries. “We got stuck by the injury bug early in the season.”

Among the injured is senior Collin Messerly, and standing on the sidelines doesn’t fit his personality. “It’s horrible, I feel helpless watching the team struggle.”

A touchdown combined with a successful two-point conversion six minutes into the game set the pace for Fernley. With seconds left, Fernley managed to score another touchdown, ending the quarter 16-0.

Joel Barton accounted for Lowry’s biggest play of the game with a 37-yard run in the second quarter.

Defensively, Derrick Macliz put on a show and played from his heart. “I just go hard every play. I’ve always said, go hard or go home.”

Coach Billingsley stated, “We have two games left this season and we are looking to take them both.”

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