Lowry tames the Lions: Bucks get second consecutive win

By Stephanie Cochrane Posted September 23, 2008

After defeating Yerington on their home turf 27-0, Lowry Head Coach Tim Billingsley said, “It feels really good winning and we have a good start going this season.” This win makes the second for Lowry this season and hopefully will be a preview of what the rest of the season will look like.

Lowry sophomore, Joel Barton led the team with 120 rushing yards. Barton recalled, “The game went well, and I did well but I think I could have been more aggressive.” Barton was aggressive enough that Lowry scored early in the first quarter.

Senior Quarterback Gus Ramasco passed to Junior Zach Haught for a touchdown five minutes into the game. Lowry’s defense forced Yerington to turn the ball over on downs with plenty of time for Ramasco and Haught to connect for another touchdown. Barton added the two-point conversion making the score 14-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The second and third quarters were tough defensively as both teams fought hard at the line. Senior Trevor Grant ran the ball 22 yards to account for Lowry’s biggest play of the second quarter.

The Bucks kicked off to start the second half; Lowry sophomore Will Thacker made a great tackle to again force Yerington to give the ball up on downs. With the ball back in Lowry hands, Barton received a handoff from Ramasco and ran for another score. The PAT was converted by Senior Tanner Schmidt. With eight seconds left in the quarter, Lowry Senior Wacey Chabot ended Yerington’s chance at scoring with a great tackle leaving the score 21-0.

The fourth quarter was another defensive battle as both teams struggled for yardage against penalties and strong linemen. With three minutes left in the game Lowry junior Christian Alcaraz ran 25 yards for a touchdown.

Yerington fought to add some points to the board in the last few minutes of the game but Lowry’s defense proved to be stronger and more enduring.

Lowry left Yerington with another win and a more confidence that this season will be different than those in the past. After the game Coach Billingsley said, “Well we have Truckee next week so we’ve got a lot to prepare for. I like to think we’re coming together… we’re just having fun.”

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