“Mall Cop” not worth the trip

“Mall Cop” not worth the trip

By Joey Lester Posted March 10, 2009

On the weekend of January 17 all across America, families flocked to theatres to see “Paul Blart Mall Cop”. Viewers watch as Paul Blart the hypoglycemic mall cop, played by Kevin James battled a group of rabble-rousers that were trying to take over his mall on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Many people enjoyed watching Blart overcome the obstacle of his hypoglycemia and the criticism of all around him and eventually take back his mall and prevent the villains from getting away with their stolen money.

However, for many people like myself, the movie was a real let down. The movie itself seemed to have a very bland and predictable storyline. Not even the special appearances by several action sports stars such as professional skateboarder Mike Vallely and other well-recognized figures could spice up the movie. Granted the movie could be considered good being a truly family-appropriate movie not having the violent and sexual nature that many of us of the modern-day have grown to know as normal. That being said it still doesn’t make the movie itself better, making “Paul Blart Mall Cop” fair at best.

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