March Madness

March Madness

By Joey Lester Posted April 23, 2009

As 72,922 people packed into Fort Field Stadium the anticipation of the game that was about to start; this game was the finals of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Finals. This game was almost the home field for Michigan State because it was located less than 100 miles away from their school.

On April 6 March Madness came to an end with the championship game of Michigan State Spartans Vs North Carolina Tar Heels being held. The crowd lost all faith in their home team within minutes of when the game started. North Carolina not only shut down the opposing team but almost every fan that had come to watch Michigan play.

Michigan scored the first points of the game; this would be the only time that they would lead the game. North Carolina quickly created an opening lead of 12-5 early in the game. The lead only continued to grow with scores continually rising once the half was reached the score was 55-34.

Once play resumed the Spartans fought as hard as they could but at their best, they could only decrease the deficit to 13 points.

The Tar Heels played an incredible game with Ty Lawson scoring 21 points, giving six assists, and only having one turnover. Lawson also had a championship game record of eight steals.

Lawson wasn’t the only member of the Tar Heels playing great that night, Wayne Ellington scored 19 points, 17 of which were in the first half. There is no doubt that Coach Roy Williams was proud of his players who had won him another championship, allowing him to become one of 13 others to win multiple championships.

This was a great final game to cap off a great season with Carolina cementing itself as the champion again.

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