March Students of the Month

March Students of the Month

By Bertha Solis Posted March 02, 2012

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

Lowry is filled with many wonderful students, but there are four students that worked hard in the month of March. Those students are Sarah Smith (freshman), Bridgette Gliboy (sophomore), Jolene Dunlap (Junior), and Jonathan Landa (senior). 

Sarah was nominated by Mr. Clay Sagers. He says “Sarah always pays attention, works hard, and she asks questions to make sure that she understands what is going on in class, Sarah is very respectful and she shows true desire to learn Spanish.”

Bridgette was nominated by Mrs. Michelle Hammersmark. She said, “Bridgette volunteers her time and energy to school projects. She is innovative and determined in accomplishing challenging tasks.”

Jolene was nominated by Mr. Paul Criddle. He said, “She always goes the extra mile, by helping put equipment away, loading the truck, and using her own initiative to find ways to help out.”

Jonathan was nominated by Mrs. Rene Hill. She said, “He has many qualities that make him stand out – but he has one that will make him a leader – enthusiasm! He is not only positive but he is also full of excitement and energy, Jonathan displays enthusiasm for teen court and AP literature.”

If you see any of these students make sure to tell them congratulations for working hard.

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