Mr. Adam Sorenson announces Maddison McClure as Student of the Week

Mr. Adam Sorenson announces Maddison McClure as Student of the Week

By Alexis Galarza Posted February 26, 2021

Maddison McClure, a freshman student at Lowry High School, has clearly shown her leadership qualities, and love for math to Mr. Adam Sorenson. 

Although Mr. Sorenson had many kind things to say about Maddi; her work ethic stands out the most. 

“She always completes her work on time and puts 100 percent into it. She is always making sure she does quality work,” said Sorenson. 

Maddi also takes participating in class very seriously, and always contributes to class discussion. 

“She is always ready to answer questions during lecture and really adds good details to the conversion, and does very well in class,” explained Sorenson. 

McClure enjoys taking part in class discussions because she gets to put her voice out there. 

“…and I get to have chances to make mistakes and become a better mathematician,” said McClure. 

Besides trying to be the best math mathematician she can be, she also likes her Spanish class with Mr. Clay Sagers. The best part of the class for McClure is being able to learn a new subject frequently, and learning in a different approach than most teachers would use. 

Outside of school McClure enjoys taking part in different sports such as volleyball, and softball.  

After being in two separate groups since she started high school, McClure is looking forward to joining as one again. 

“I am super excited to go back to school because we get to spend time with all of our friends and get to experience the full classes,” said McClure. 

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