Mr. Conner, Lowry’s Staff Member of the Month for December

Mr. Conner, Lowry’s Staff Member of the Month for December

By Amanda Vesco Posted December 2004

Every month at Lowry High School, we honor a faculty member whom we see as a beneficial asset to our school.

This month we are recognizing Mr. Doug Conner. He is a math teacher who has been at Lowry High for 22 years.

Mr. Conner is a favorite among students. Students who have had Mr. Conner say they have learned a great deal from him, and they can understand the material because of the way he presents it.

Not only does he bring learning to the minds of the students, but he also generates much fun and laughter. Students continually remark as to the things Mr. Conner says and does.

Mr. Conner even seems to have a sense of humor about himself. He claims to be the most absent-minded teacher in the school. When asked about his most memorable teaching experience, he said that he once tried to break up a fight between two girls and crashed to the floor with them. Other faculty members mentioned that they had never seen anything so funny in a long time.

Many descriptions come to mind when one thinks of Mr. Conner. Not only is he extremely comical, but he is also very original and down-to-earth.

His favorite quote is, “Everything in moderation, even moderation itself.” Mr. Conner declares Neil Young as his hero proving that he can communicate with students on their level. Mr. Conner helps students feel at ease, thus making him the obvious choice for Staff Member of the Month.

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