Mrs. Peters’ Life Skills class staying busy

Mrs. Peters’ Life Skills class staying busy

By Katie Hillyer Posted February 6, 2013

This year at Lowry, the students in Mrs. Peters’ Comprehensive Life Skills classroom have been very busy being involved in many activities, both fun and educational. One of these activities is in its third year now and helps to keep our school campus clean. Every Wednesday morning you can see us out pushing carts loaded with the blue recycle bins from classrooms and offices. We collect the bins, load them into a school district car and take the recyclable materials to the dump. Later that day or the next we return the bins to their assigned classrooms. We work very hard to keep Lowry beautiful.

One way we combine fin and education is our weekly community outings. In Math class we have learned about money and how to use it. We have put that skill to use when doing shopping for our class. We learn cooking skills in our class so we go shopping for groceries. We wash and dry our own P.E. uniforms as well as items for the Lowry P.E. and sports department so we have to go buy laundry soap. We also occasionally go out to eat at different restaurants and fast food places. Each one of us orders and pays for our own meals. We also assist the Junior class by keeping the snack vending machine stocked full of good eats.

Also as part of our community outings we take tours of different local businesses to learn how they operate and if it is a job we would be interested in after we graduate. So far this year we have gone to the Humboldt Sun and learned how they print our local newspaper, to the Winnemucca Police Department to learn about their operations, and met with Judge Montero to learn about our judicial system.

Many of our students are involved in various clubs, organizations and jobs at Lowry; Juan and Andrew help Gerardo maintain the halls in the main building. Angel works in the kitchen and so do I. I also work in the LHS Library and participate in Art Club. Mark is involved in Leadership and has attended conferences. Some of you have probably had to side step him speeding through the halls in his motorized chair on occasion. Watch out! Johaunna is a member of Stagecraft and in March will be presenting at the Nevada Disabilities Conference. Aaron is taking Sewing II and has a blast creating aprons and animals. Eric has created beautiful pieces in welding. Michael loves being here at school with his friends. Francisco is learning lots in Ag Science and will take those skills to become a rancher. Edgar has the knack for filling the vending machine and being chivalrous toward the ladies by opening doors.

Most of Mrs. Peters’ students participate in Special Olympics under coach Molina in such events as Track and Bowling. We participate under the team name ‘Buckaroos’ to show our Lowry Spirit! We have all won many medals including several golds. Juan and Andrew are also members of Lowry’s track team.

We also love attending all of Lowry’s dances and events like Homecoming and Winterfest. We are always excited to show off our dance moves and hang out with friends. Watching football was a blast; we just love cheering for Lowry Bucks! This year we will anticipate to sing ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ for Karaoke night. We worked really hard on creating props, learning dance moves, and perfecting our voices.

We also want to recognize our TAs who help us through the day. Thanks Nathan, Marcus, Olivia, Trey, Dominique, Karina, Ryley, Jessica, Stephanie, and Caitlyn.

It’s a great year here at Lowry; help us keep that spirit alive. Go Bucks!