Ms. Coney announces Lorsix Silva as Student of the Week

Ms. Coney announces Lorsix Silva as Student of the Week

By Alexis Galarza Posted January 20, 2021

This week the music department has recognized Lorsix Silva as Student of the Week. Silva carries many different traits. However, Ms. Harlie Coney highlighted his positive attitude and his outlook on the music industry the most. 

“Lorsix Is a positive thinker and is always looking for what’s next in the music industry,” said Coney, the band teacher at Lowry. 

Silva, a senior, plays the alto saxophone. He said there are many different things to love about the class and the saxophone. He mentioned how many different songs can be played on the sax, and at the same time sound nice. 

“I enjoy the environment and atmosphere. Everyone shows up for a good time since we all have mutual interests,” said Silva. 

Coney also mentioned how Silva goes out of his way to do many other activities in the class, and always finds ways to help others. 

“He is a natural leader who supports his classmates and encourages better musicianship by setting an example,” Coney said via email. 

Although Silva wasn’t inspired by one certain thing, he simply took a chance and fell in love with the instrument as he went on, and found a way to push himself with his own challenges. 

“I didn’t really have inspiration until high school, because I just thought it was fun to play,” said Silva. “But then I met some upperclassmen…now I aspire to be as good if not better than them.”

Even though Lorsix has had some setbacks from COVID-19 his senior year is going well. He plans on graduating and moving on to college. 

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