Music review: ‘El Camino’

Music review: ‘El Camino’

By Jolyn Garcia Posted April 18, 2012

The Black Keys are known for their bluesy-classic rock sound. They have the magical ability to take two different genres and blend them together to have them compliment each other perfectly. It’s really quite amazing when you realize that there are actually only two members in this band. Their latest album “El Camino” was released on December 6, 2011.

This album is another great addition to The Black Keys collection. “El Camino” has a faster pace and is more upbeat than the other albums. Over the years they have made the transition into being a modern rock group rather than a smooth blues group. When you begin to listen to “Little Black Submarines”, you think that it’s going to be a slow-paced love song. Halfway through this track, you realize it’s not only a good love song but also another great rock ballad.

The key tracks on this album are “Lonely Boy” and “Run Right Back”. These songs both have good beats and contain sick guitar riffs. They are perfect examples of the more refined Black Keys. If you’re a fan of The Black Keys or even enjoy listening to songs with great lyrical content and smooth guitar riffs, you should check out “El Camino”.

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