New coach, new number one

New coach, new number one

By Jolyn Garcia Posted March 10, 2012

After waiting for all the snow to melt from the green, the boys of Lowry High are ready to start golfing. With a new coach and a lot of new faces, the team is looking forward to having a bright season. After losing four seniors and having four returning state players, the chance of receiving a spot on the team has become a battle.

Mr. Andrew Meyer came to Lowry because of its “geographic location” and he is an outdoorsman. He started out by coaching the girls’ golf team at the beginning of the year and then decided to also coach the boys. Coach Meyer likes that there are many young players on the boys’ team. This year he hopes to get more practice and range time with the team.

“The team is younger this year; there are a lot of freshmen. Last year it was more evenly distributed,” said sophomore Chris Mendoza.

So far the boys are looking good and tough to beat. The team is filled with many competitive players, fighting for the available spots. There are about 20 players going out for the team and only 16 spots available. Only six of these 16 players will actually be able to attend away tournaments. Sophomore Joseba Criswell says that last year they lost Dillon Bryan who was the best player, but this year the number 1 player on the team is Cole Erquiaga. Coach Meyer thinks that his top players this year are going to be Cole Erquiaga, Josh Shaver, Chris Dendary, Ethan Gray, Jacob Jakich, Chris Mendoza and Andy Mendoza.

Chris Mendoza and Criswell both say that the toughest team to beat this year will be Elko. But both these boys are confident that their team will come out on top.

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