New leaders, ideas for 2009-2010

New leaders, ideas for 2009-2010

By Camille Lyon Posted April 22, 2009

After the elections in February, there is a whole new bunch of students to lead the school for the next upcoming year. The election process is very difficult. It is not always a popularity contest. The candidates must be interviewed, evaluated by their teachers, maintain a high-grade point average and prove to their classmates that they are qualified for the office.

After this long election process, seventeen students have filled the open offices and will be serving their class next year. Students from the Winnemucca Junior High School ran to be officers for the upcoming freshmen year. Representing the freshmen class are Whitney Waller, Jordan Thomas, and Sarah Gillespie. Representing the sophomore class are Chase Estes, Megan Guild, and Tyler Duran. Officers for the junior class are Luis Gutierrez, Gaudy Castañeda, and Kailynn Winheim. Representing the senior class are Skylar Estes, Amaya Drake, and Brad Pearce. Representing the student body offices are Andrea Vaca, Oscar Gonzalez, Shanel Brown, Alicia Kelly, and Brandi Brooks.

Many students run for office to try to enlist some change in Lowry, but what could these fresh faces want to change? The newly-elected student body officers and class presidents attended the 2009 Nevada Association of Student Councils State Conference to obtain some leadership training. At the conference, they attended various workshops, listened to keynote speakers, and had the opportunity to mingle with other school student councils.

Student Body Present Andrea Vaca hopes to bring in some different activities to have during advisory to try to give students a better attitude toward advisory. Vaca hopes to have more interaction between the classes. For Vaca, the election process was easier than she thought. Overall the favorite part of the election process for Vaca was giving her speech.

“I found out that I like to speak in front of people,” said Vaca, “just getting them excited excites me.”

As being a part of the Student Body officers, they plan all of the pep assemblies Lowry has throughout the year.

“I am really excited and I want to hear what people want to see during the pep assemblies because it is one of the main things I may have power over,” said Vaca.

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