New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

By Jessie Schirrick, Posted December 18, 2013

Most of us have them and few live up to them. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions from Lowry students. “My New Year’s resolution is to…

“Become a better person. Be Nicer and just be happy with life!” Melany Gomez

“Have no Cs throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters.” Nathan Lutzow

“Grow a man-beard like Espy.” Kelvin Meza

“Work harder in all the sports I do.” Cameron Okuma

“Run more, be nicer to people, do my homework, eat less junk food, and start smiling more.” Madison McBride

“Eat healthier and try harder at school.” Gabriela Lopez

“Be a better person and participate more.” McKenna Owen

“Get into the Assembly of Excellence.” Alex Tomey

“Get good grades and get my weight loss goal.” Cheyanne Gamble

“Not get into the Assembly of Excellence, but pass.” James Work

“Improve my street cred through rap battles and by using this generation’s slang.” Michael Rangel

“Keep my GPA above a 3.5.” Skylar Yost

“Pay more attention to my grades to get into a good college. Another one is to be liked by my boyfriend’s parents.” Holly Frost

“Do the best I can at things that require more than just a quick glance.” David Anderson

“Get grades above what they were last year.” Garrett Tiffany

“Get better grades and be a better friend.” Hannah Hillyer

“Eat five pounds of tots provided by Zach Sparks.” Branden Locke

“Get my teachers to spell my name with a ‘k’ instead of an ‘h’.” Zack White

“Get my grades up to a C average and be able to play sports next year.” Trevor Burroughs

“Get a job.” Kaci Kraft

“Get better in all of my sports.” Ryan Bourland

“Get straight A’s.” Alyssa Jones

James Work. /Courtesy • Winnada
James Work. /Courtesy • Winnada