New year’s resolutions

New year’s resolutions

By Bradly Myers Posted: December 18, 2020

I plan on trying something new. – Lisa Scott, teacher

I plan to improve my hands and feel better. – Lance Brinegar, sophomore

I plan to gain more weight and exercise so I’m healthier. – Michael Bricker, senior 

I plan to stop procrastinating and to be an overall better person. – Ruben Garcia, sophomore

I plan to stop giving my energy to those who don’t deserve me. – Mackenzie Salas-Begay,   senior 

I plan to fall in love.- Adia Bengochea, senior 

I plan to do what’s best for myself. – Cambria Tisue, freshman

I plan to use a planner everyday and I want to stay more organized. – Harlie Baker, junior

I want to save enough money to buy my own car. – Makayla Andrews

 I want to improve my pitch time by 5 MPH before my junior year. – Bree Dunckhorst

I want to chase that bag. – Vanessa Beltran

I want to be a better person. – Alberto Medina

I want to be happy with myself and I want to buy a brand new whip. – Alessandra Arelano

I don’t want to wear a mask anymore. – Jeremy Walker

I want to keep going to the gym and working on myself. I also want to focus more on school and manage my time better. – Boni Jacinto

I want to start focusing on what I need rather than worrying about everyone else. – Lilliana Lopez

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