November Students of the Month

November Students of the Month

By Kinzie McClintick Posted November 23, 2011

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

Gage Chambers is a freshman at Lowry High School. He was nominated for Student of The Month by Mrs. Mattson because he always comes to class prepared, is in his seat and working before the bell rings. His grades show that his hard work has paid off. He always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

Kirk Berensten is a sophomore at Lowry and he was nominated for Student of The Month by Mrs. Dawson because he exemplifies the quality of leadership and serves as a role model to young people both at school and in the community. Kirk sets a positive example in word, deed, and appearance. He also displays emotional stability and exhibits self-control. 

David Galeana, a junior, was nominated by Mrs. Knight because he has taken the initiative to help a student in Algebra II who needs the extra work. His friendly, easy-going manner and respect for his fellow students make this an ideal situation for the struggling student. 

The last Student of The Month nominee is senior Chase Estes. Chase was nominated by Mrs. James because he has had to make some tough choices during the start of his senior year. He has a great attitude, leadership skills, and passion for drama. 

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