Parents put too much pressure on their kids

Parents put too much pressure on their kids

By Carly Bell Posted December 12, 2012

Do you ever feel like your parents are trying to run your life? It’s like they didn’t have a good enough childhood so now they are trying to get inside your life and control it?

“Some parents think their kids need to be a carbon copy of them when they were younger. They have to realize times have changed,” said a student.

Parents are just there for direction, not to control your life. It’s the child’s life and they should be the one in the driver’s seat.

When parents manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do. Most children are not too bad. The parent is the problem, not the child. If you pressure a kid too much it’s just going to make them want to rebel. Not every friend is going to pressure you into doing drugs, drinking, and having sex. The world isn’t all that bad.

A teenage girl asked her mom if she was proud of her. The mother answered,” You’re breaking my heart.” What lead up to this remark was all because she didn’t want to do a port. The girl just felt like she simply wasn’t good enough. And even if she made the team, she would be on the bench the whole season. She already wasn’t feeling good about how she played but the mother should not add to the stress, sadness, and humiliation.

I understand I am doing nothing but saying parents do everything wrong; but have you ever had that moment when you complain, cry, or laugh with your parents? That moment is really great. You can open up to them. Maybe it’s about problems at school or your ex or maybe you guys are laughing about weird stuff. Parents have a tough job. Really, all they need to do is, realize times have changed and adjust their parenting according to that.

Parents have a problem with punishing a kid for what they almost did instead of punishing them for when they messed up. I feel like parents have a hard job, but hey you remember when you were a child. Use the past to guide you through the future. Too much pressure will result in a child rebelling against everyone.

One of the jobs of a parent is knowing when to help and when to not. I’ll give an example. A baby eagle is about to contract out of its shell. It’s having problems. Over the egged baby is its mother, just watching, not helping. Because if the mother was to help the baby get out of its shell, the baby would never learn to fly. The muscles it develops while it is hatching are also the muscles the baby will use to fly. This is one of the only ways to gain this muscle. If the baby never flies it will not go far. High school is our shell and parents need to understand that now is the time when we learn by ourselves.