PE Student of the Week: Katelyn Cassinelli

PE Student of the Week: Katelyn Cassinelli

By Ivy Kidd Posted January 13, 2022

This year Mr. Calvin Connors’ PE class has been eventful starting off the year with lots of fun collaborative games. Though not everyone chooses to participate in PE, Mr. Connors tries to make it enjoyable for everyone. 

Mr. Connors has nominated freshman Katelyn Cassinelli as being an active participant this year in PE. 

“Katelyn Cassinelli displays a positive attitude that deserves recognition,” said Connors. 

Katelyn shows great sportsmanship and dedication as she comes to PE ready each day.

“It’s fun and I enjoy physical activity,” said Cassinelli. 

Cassinelli is prepared with active energy for every new game they play, but her favorite dodgeball. 

As Mr. Connors also encourages participation. Katelyn “is always trying to get her classmates involved.” 

Katelyn is an active person who enjoys playing every kind of new sport PE throws at her.

She enjoys a challenge and wants everyone to have fun along the way.