Fake News: Peppermint bleach spray for the holidays

Fake News: Peppermint bleach spray for the holidays

By Chris Gildone Posted: December 18, 2020

Everybody seems to just love the holiday season and the smell of candy canes? To show Holiday spirit there will be peppermint oil put into the bleach bottles in the schools of Humboldt County. Now students can sanitize their desks and computers with joy and the fresh smell of peppermint. 

The Mayor loves the holidays more than Santa himself. In fact, his nickname is Mr. Claus. He bought peppermint oil for all the schools in Winnemucca at a great expense but that’s his present to local children this year. 

“I just love the holidays, especially Christmas, and because we can’t pass out candy canes we will put peppermint in the bleach so that the schools will be free of germs and smelling fresh,” said the Mayor. “All the kids shall be jolly this year and enjoy the smell of peppermint.”

The Mayor is not the only one who loves the holidays. Also, vice-principal of Lowry High School Mr. Tim Connors also loves the idea of peppermint bleach spray and makes a promise that he will wear a Santa hat at school until Christmas. 

“We will make the best of this Christmas despite the challenges we face with this virus, and I will go around spreading joy and wearing my Santa hat all the way until Christmas break,” said Connors. 

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