Performer of the Issue: Yovany Balderas

Performer of the Issue: Yovany Balderas

By Destiny Medicine Cloud Posted March 4, 2022

Yovany Balderas has been chosen for Performer of the Issue. Balderas, a sophomore, has been participating in the band since the fifth grade. He enjoys playing his instrument, the flute. He claims that the band has been a big, important part of his life.

Outside of band, Balderas is hanging out with friends or playing video games. With his friends, they like to go to thrift stores or pawn shops. When he is not with friends, he is at work finding a way to pester the people he works with.

“When I’m not hanging out with my friends I’m usually at work bugging my coworkers or cleaning tables,” said Balderas.

As soon as Balderas had the chance to join band, he did. He loves the band and the unforgettable memories he has made.

“Band is so much fun,” said Balderas. “Sure it can be stressful but 9 times out of 10 there’s always someone there to cheer you up or help make your day better.”

Every day Balderas has wanted to do better than the previous day and that mindset has played an important role in his life.

“…I think wanting to do better than I could the previous day played a huge role in getting me to where I am now and keeping me going,” said Balderas.

Mr. Dave Munk, the Lowry High band teacher, thinks Balderas is not only a dedicated musician and a great part of the band, but he also always brings a positive and supportive attitude to rehearsals.

“He often comes to after-school rehearsals that he is not involved in, to support other band and choir members,” said Munk.

Yovany Balderas at a band concert playing the flute./ Alexa Toscano • The Brand
Yovany Balderas at a band concert playing the flute./ Alexa Toscano • The Brand

Balderas’s desire to support those around him is a great quality that influences the people around him.
“His desire to provide moral support and lift up others is a very admirable quality that inspires me to be better,” said Munk.

Balderas’ need to learn new things shines through his music. He not only plays the flute, but he is also learning how to play the piano, saxophone, and relearn the clarinet.

“I play the flute and because I can’t ever just do one thing I’m also learning the saxophone, piano, and relearning the clarinet since I played it for a little while, not too long ago,” said Balderas.

Balderas’s dedication to doing better all the time inspires a lot of his fellow musicians to also do better.