Performer of the Week: Hailey Vess

Performer of the Week: Hailey Vess

By Octavio Ruiz Posted: October 28, 2019

This week’s Performer of the Week for the cheer team is Hailey Vess.

Head coach Cherese Fifield expressed her admiration for Hailey’s determination to be a strong leader while at the same time being someone who brings the team comfort with her low-key personality. 

“She is a very strong quiet leader who is respected on our team,” said Fifield. “As a back spot, she’s in charge of the stunts. So she’s kind of the boss and she has to keep Cynthia, Isabel, and Dharma in line and I think that’s a hard job. She’s really good at it and we always look at her for that mellow calmness.” 

Vess is a calm leader but her strength overpowers it

“She’s silly and sweet. But she’s that mellow calmness, strong and quiet leader,” said Fifield. “Her strength is always extra early for everything, she’s just not always on time but she’s early.”

Being a captain carries responsibilities.

“I have to come up with stunts for every game, I also came up with the homecoming and Winterfest performances,” said Vess.

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