Pet peeves the remix

By The Brand Editors Posted October 12, 2011

  1. I hate when people don’t mind their own business, especially when it comes to social media.
  2. I hate when people say “like” every other word.
  3. Uhm. . . is an unnecessary filler word when you are talking.
  4. Don’t spell words wrong on purpose… it’s not cute.
  5. Meow is not a substitute for NOW, nor is it cute, funny or adorable.
  6. Unnecessarily shortening words; such as whatev, cuz, kwik, R. . . .
  7. Face your problems, don’t Facebook them.
  8. Boys, when you use a unisex bathroom, or a bathroom at a friend’s house, PUT THE SEAT DOWN. No one appreciates falling in.
  9. wHen EWE talkkk LyKe diss on FaceBooKK ittt GetS SuPeR aNnoYIng LYke FerRR reaLS.
  10. Fake laughter. If it isn’t funny, don’t laugh. It is as easy as that.
  11. People who constantly sniffle. If you need a tissue ask, and I will get you one.
  12. People who take ten years to tell a story that doesn’t benefit my life whatsoever.
  13. Complaining about something isn’t going to change the result, so don’t complain… just let it go.
  14. When people take everything too seriously. Seriously, get a sense of humor.
  15. Don’t act dumb to get attention. It’s not cool, it’s annoying.
  16. Skinny jeans. Just don’t.
  17. People who think that everything in the world revolves around them.
  18. Over quoting movies… especially when they’re not even funny. If I wanted to hear the quote, I would watch the movie.
  19. Facebooking about how last night was the greatest night ever.
  20. Updating your facebook/twitter status 50 times a day.
  21. When you’re the only one in a waiting room and someone else walks in and sits right next to you, despite the other 20+ open seats.
  22. Unnecessary movie sequels, AKA The Hangover 2.
  23. When fans of sports teams refer to the team as “WE”.
  24. Dirty bathrooms. Gross.
  25. Twitter in general. No one wants to know what you do every moment of your life. If people cared, you’d be famous.
  26. Bad breath. I don’t care if you just ate lunch, have a mint.
  27. Cats. The smell, the texture, the noises, the feeling, the purr, the whiskers, EVERYTHING. I hate cats.
  28. When people take 50 napkins, use one, and throw the rest away. . .
  29. When people say ‘supposebly’ instead of ‘supposedly’. . .
  30. If you need to clear your throat in public, do so quietly or leave the room.
  31. If you are from Winnemucca or surrounding areas, you are most likely a rancher, farmer, or miners’ kid. NOT a thug, therefore do not attempt to be one.
  32. Bald men that act like they have hair.
  33. Rappers that thank God and Jesus in their songs, after they bash women and talk about how many drugs they do.
  34. When people walk in flip-flops and purposefully make them flop.
  35. It’s B-E-F-O-R-E not B4. We speak English, not bingo.
  36. People who don’t say “thank you” or even acknowledge you when you hold the door for them.
  37. Air Guitar. Don’t do it. You look like a dork.
  38. Those parents that make their young kids run around with leashes on their backs; It’s a child, not a pet.

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