Pig wrestling: ‘Clean, dirty, fun.’

Pig wrestling: ‘Clean, dirty, fun.’

By Stephanie Hageman and Mallorie Leal Posted October 22, 2008

Slipping and sliding, mud flying, students and teachers united to take down one thing, little pink pigs. On Wednesday, Lowry’s FFA chapter held a pig wrestling competition on Lowry’s softball field. The equipment, including the pen where the wrestling took place, was lent to the FFA by Carwil and the pigs were provided by Lance Thompson.

Teams of four entered the competition for a fee of twenty dollars, and the money collected was awarded to the winning team as prize money. Twelve teams participated in the competition including one team of Lowry teachers.

The objective of this competition was to tie a ribbon to the pig’s legs and race back to the gate as fast as possible. First place was taken by a team entitled the Irish, which consisted of Mateo Echeverria, Alejo Alarcon, Joel Barton, and Dylan Ongert.

One of the winning team’s members, Barton, commented that he had a fun and exciting time.

The team of teachers came in fourth place. The teachers who took part in pig wrestling were Mrs. Kim Brooks, Mrs. Rebecca Hill, Mrs. Joyce Knight, and Ms. Amie Godinez.

“Clean, dirty, fun,” remarked Brooks about her overall experience with pig wrestling. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s pig wrestling competition…except the pigs.

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