Press Release: President Obama hosts ‘Insourcing American Jobs’ Forum at the White House

Press Release: President Obama hosts ‘Insourcing American Jobs’ Forum at the White House

By Taylor LaTray Posted January 1, 2012

In a recent press release from the white house release January seventh, President Obama and Vice President Biden will host an “Insourcing American Jobs” forum at the White House focused on the increasing trend of companies choosing to “insource” jobs and invest in growth in the United States.

As part of the “Insourcing American Jobs” forum, the President will meet with business leaders, as well as experts on the topic, to discuss why it’s competitive to locate in the United States and what more can be done to work with companies to take similar steps to insource American jobs. Following the meeting, the President will deliver remarks to a group that will include leaders from the government and the private sector that are taking steps to encourage companies to insource and invest in America.

Over a dozen large and small businesses that have made decisions to bring jobs to the United States and to increase their investments here will attend the forum. Attendees include:

Master Lock, Master Lock is the world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks and related security products. Since mid-2010, Master Lock has returned approximately 100 jobs back to Milwaukee, WI that had previously been off-shored. Lincolnton Furniture, a small specialty furniture maker opening in North Carolina, is adding 130 new jobs and restarting operations at a once-vacant plant. GalaxE.Solutions was established in 1990 and specializes in custom software application development for Fortune 50 corporations, with a particular focus on health care. A little over a year ago the company created the “Outsource To Detroit” program that is a model for repatriating jobs back to the United States. Dupont, As part of broad investments the company is making across its portfolio, DuPont started up a new $500 million plant last year to produce Kevlar anti-ballistic fiber near Charleston, South Carolina, that created over 500 construction and 135 full-time jobs

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