Press Release: Secret Service Most Wanted

By Cole Erquiaga  Posted April 26, 2012

In a recent press release from the Secret Service, they are after Dzmitry Burak for a credit card scam. 

Dzmitry Valeryevich Burak is the subject of charges in the federal district of the Southern District of California and also the State of New York.

In California, Burak and others who were involved in an international criminal group used the internet to traffic in stolen and counterfeit credit cards. An investigation of Burak’s e-mails uncovered thousands of stolen credit card numbers leading to more than$21 million in losses.

In New York, New York, Burak sold thousands of stolen credit card numbers and other personal identifying information online. During a five-year period, Burak accessed or sold more than 9,000 stolen credit card numbers, more than $4 million worth of stolen property and defrauded credit card companies for more than $1 million.

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