Pressures to get involved in high school

By Alyssa Campbell Posted June 4, 2014

Every counselor or staff member at the high school encourages students to join clubs, participate in sports, be involved in the community, and get good grades. All while telling you to make the most out of your high school experience. However, it’s nearly impossible to do everything that is expected of you.

The high school puts all of these expectations on students which ultimately makes them feel overwhelmed. Students’ grades can even start to suffer once you add all of the countless hours of clubs, sports, and community hours which leave little time for students to be able to get their homework done. Not to mention, all these activities make it nearly impossible to be able to hang out with any of your friends. Part of the high school experience is making friends and enjoying the time in school while you still have it. However, there is no possible way to do all of these things while meeting all of these expectations.

Lowry needs to find a way to encourage students to become involved, but also help them define their limits when it comes to participating in all of these activities. If the school had a way to help kids become organized in their activities, they would see a huge improvement in the number of people that join clubs at our school. The more help the school made available for their organization, the less stress the students would have since less pressure would be placed on students. However, the high school is not the only one to blame in this situation, students need to know that they have the ability themselves to say no.

There are also not even that many clubs at this school that most students are interested in. The school needs to put more of the students’ input into what clubs they choose to be available. If students want to be involved in clubs at the school, they should have the opportunity to join the clubs that they would be interested in. Athletes and honors students should not be the only people that have the chance to become active members of our school. If we had more choices, there would be more of a variety of students who take part in the activities. However, some students will probably never be a part of our school no matter what clubs or activities are available to them.

You can’t put all these expectations on students without giving them more options for clubs and without having the help students need to become organized.