Prom styles 2012

By Madison Waldie  Posted May 3, 2012

It is a night that high school students look forward to for the whole year. Girls look for their dresses months in advance and guys will plan out who to ask and how to ask them weeks prior to that. The dress and the date; necessities to the perfect prom night, but not all that makes this one night a year memorable. What about dinner, pictures, and friends?

Many couples decide to go in groups with their classmates, friends, and teammates. When choosing a group to go with, be sure to make sure that everyone in your group can get along. The last thing that you want on prom night is arguments. It will certainly make for a memorable evening, but not memorable in the right way.

Dining can be expensive, especially in Winnemucca where your options are very limited. Here you have access to low-end dining like fast food, or high-end dining like The Martin. If you are trying to be cost-effective for prom, you could try a progressive dinner party or ask one of your families to prepare the meal. Progressive dinners can be entertaining as well. Start with an appetizer at one house, dinner at the next, and dessert at the last house. This way you are able to take photos at multiple locations and share the memories with your families.

Pictures at prom are usually inexpensive and are a great keepsake to have after the night and the dancing are over. The professional photographer usually has a themed backdrop and the photos would be an excellent addition to a scrapbook, photo album, Facebook page, or dorm room. Large group photos are also great to have and are virtually free if you have a digital camera and a friend willing to snap them for you. Don’t forget to bring your personal camera to prom so that you can take pictures throughout the night.

Above all, make sure to have fun. That is what the night is all about.