Sara Giegerich is CTE Student of the Week

Sara Giegerich is CTE Student of the Week

By Hayden Case Posted January 15, 2022

While some students excel in English and math, CTE student of the Week freshman Sara Giegerich flourishes in her computer coding class.

Teacher Greg Scott selected Giegerich as student of the week. 

“She is always the first one done and she produces the best work in her class,” said Scott. “It’s nice to have students like Sara with such drive.” 

Giegerich excels in this class because of the environment Mr. Scott’s classroom holds.

“There isn’t ever any stress put on the students and I consider that class period very relaxing,” said Giegerich

The work environment drives students like Giegerich to work hard and get the work done with no distractions.

The tasks that these classes involve are very useful to the future of these students.

“I definitely think all the different types of coding will come in handy sometime in the future as well,” agreed Giegerich.