School Daze

By Michael Forney Posted April 30, 2007

As the weeks slip by, all of us here at Lowry High School grow restless for the end of the year to come. Students daydream in classes, their minds numb to the many lectures and lessons of their teachers. Due to the warming weather, everyone would rather spend a day out in the sun rather than being cooped up inside a classroom forcing one’s mind to concentrate. For this month’s article, Heather and I decided to ask some students about their plans for the summer and their feelings about school.

Kole Kracaw, a leadership student here at Lowry High School, is looking forward to cross-country training this summer. He also said he’s, “not looking forward to getting a job.” Kole empathizes with his fellow students who state their studies are “very challenging.” Many students find it difficult to focus on the prospect of college and the ever-decreasing number of days left. However, one student here at Lowry says that he is actually enjoying the last few weeks. How can this be?

Josiah Humphrey states that his classes are “going great because most of his teachers are winding down and doing fun stuff now that it’s the end of his high school career.” He is looking forward to the summer which will bring him ever closer to his first day as an undergraduate at the University of Nevada, Reno. Josiah plans to major in chemical engineering at UNR but will always remember the Student Council State Conference that Lowry had the fortune to host this year for all the Leadership students of Nevada. 

So as we come closer to saying goodbye, savoring the last month or so left until we finish the year, many of us students here at Lowry are in a daze – some from the realization that we will never again attend high school and others simply because they cannot wait for the prospects of summer vacation. Whatever the reason, it has been a great year and the Leadership class looks forward to another tremendous year full of fun, hard work, and perhaps a little daydreaming.

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