Science Student of the Week: Jacob Woolsey

Science Student of the Week: Jacob Woolsey

By Macy Whitted Posted March 28, 2023

Ms. Alexis Mattson chose Jacob Woolsey as Science Student of the Week for his stellar personality and great work ethic in her class.  Woosley is always willing to be a leader in her class; he is the type of student to always have a smile on his face.

Mattson enjoys not only his strong work ethic but also enjoys his personality.

“He has a fun personality as he takes a lot of grief from me and gives back just as much,“  said Mattson. “He is a genuinely nice young man to everyone and I really enjoy having him in class.” Woolsey has enjoyed Mattson’s class all year long because of how fun she makes the work.

They get a lot accomplished over the course of the year but still manage to have fun.

“Ms. Mattson is fun and exciting but we will always end up getting plenty of work done,” said Woolsey.

Woolsey enjoys Mattson’s class because they can always have a good time, even with getting plenty of work done.

“Her class is never lame, or boring; there is always something to look forward to.”

Woolsey is always ready and prepared for her class no matter the consequences. He knows that he can always look forward to the class.