Senior Chelsea Robison, leading the way for future artists

Senior Chelsea Robison, leading the way for future artists

By Savannah McDade Posted June 2, 2010

Chelsea Robinson working on an art project.

Senior Chelsea Robison has proceeded to inspire future art students by creating beautiful artwork and exemplifying hard work and dedication.

Robison said that her favorite aspect of art is stepping back after long hours of hard work and realizing that she created artwork.

Robison currently enjoys doing acrylics and portraits and her favorite project is her Chuck Close portrait, “it won Best In Show at the Humboldt County Art Show and I’m pretty proud of that,” said Robison.

Although Robison is a talented art student she admits that every once in a while she finds herself in a moratorium, “If I have a hard time, I kind of sit back and listen to music and sit there and think about what I want to do… music motivates me”. She also encourages other students to take art classes, “even if you’re not good at it, it’s a good way to express yourself,” said Robison.

Robison has been involved in art since elementary school and is planning on attending Truckee Meadows Community College and eventually the University of Nevada Reno in hopes of pursuing a degree in art.

Mr. Andy Anderson of the Lowry art department said, “Chelsea has never failed to go above and beyond the required content of an art lesson. She does that with every art project.” Anderson continued saying, “I think if she uses her talents and abilities the right way, it can take her a long way.”

Robison’s Chuck Close portrait was on display at the Art and CTE Showcase which took place on May 27 at Lowry High School.

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