Senior Roundup: Irah Montenegro, Rudy Leeth, Luis Solis

Senior Roundup: Irah Montenegro, Rudy Leeth, Luis Solis

By Ron Espinola Posted June 10, 2021

Irah Montenegro (IM)
Rudy Leeth (RL)
Luis Manuel Solis Gonzalez. (LS)

Favorite teacher in high school?
IM: My favorite high school teacher is Mrs. Santos because she always interacts with her students and listens to our feedback.
RL: My favorite teacher in high school is Mrs. Mattson because having her in class was always fun and exciting, she would always make sure I was doing my school work and paying attention.
LS: Mr. Setzer.

Best high school memory?
IM: I will always remember the wild unplanned days where my friends and I would get into mischief and do anything we wanted.
RL: My best high school memory was P.E. because Mr.Cabatbat always encouraged us to try the new games we would play, joked around with us, and made us feel comfortable.
LS: Playing some soccer with some friends and goofing off with friends in class.

Are you going to miss being at the high school?
IM: Yes, I am going to miss seeing my friends every day and having fun in a place where I am comfortable.
RL: Heck yeah!!! because school was always fun and exciting see all your friends and walking through the hallways.
LS: Just not being able to see everyone I grew up with.

What was your favorite sport/activity?
IM: I enjoyed participating in the leadership program and traveling for state conferences.
RL: My favorite activity was stage crafts because putting on plays and creating them was exciting and fun to do.
LS: My favorite sport is soccer.

Who was your best friend throughout high school?
IM: Brandon Lee, Sam Roth, Rudy Leeth, Jeremy Walker, and many more.
RL: My best friend throughout high school was my boys Irah Montenegro, Jovanie Guizar, Layne Barela, Hugo Ruiz, Alonso Mendoza.
LS: I have a lot of close friends like Austin C, Omar F, Sean H, Jacob S, Diego A, and also Alberto M.

Rudy Leeth, Irah Montenegro, and Luis Solis. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Rudy Leeth, Irah Montenegro, and Luis Solis. /Ron Espinola • The Brand

If you could relive your high school career what would you change?
IM: I wouldn’t change a thing I had an amazing time and would do it again with no regrets.
RL: If I could relive my high school career I would change nothing because I lived it to the fullest.
LS: Trying harder in school.

If you could change something about high school (excluding COVID) what would it be?
IM: I would tell everyone to do and become who they wanted and not try to conform to stereotypes or act like they are above anyone else.
RL: I would change nothing.
LS: Trying out different sports to meet new people.

What was your least favorite part of school?
IM: Tests, although they are needed it causes a lot of stress for us students.
RL: Doing homework.
LS: The ACT test was by far the most boring thing I have ever participated in.

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