Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

By Mary Granath Posted October 22, 2008

It feels as though so much of the year has gone by already. Autumn is approaching its end, and winter is beginning. For seniors who play a fall sport this means that their final season of playing that sport at Lowry is coming to a close. Some feel sad, others relieved, but all admit that they will miss being part of the Lowry team.

“It has definitely made me more open and involved,” said Dance Team captain Hayley Noble. “I will miss all the energy.”

Noble has been on the high school dance team since her sophomore year. She believes students should be involved. “When you’re involved you learn to be responsible.” An important message Noble feels her team should remember is that you can achieve greatness, “but know you have to work at it.”

Jordan Sloan./ Mary Granath • The Brand
Jordan Sloan./ Mary Granath • The Brand

“Soccer is a great sport,” said Jordan Sloan. Sloan is a defensive midfielder on the varsity boy’s soccer team. Sloan has a great appreciation for the sport despite not having played for very long. “I started last year as a newbie. My friends helped me from the start to gradually build up. At first I didn’t even know how to pass a ball,” confessed Sloan.

Soccer has changed him in many ways. “It made me more of a team player.” When asked what he would miss the most Sloan responded, “The great pep talks from the great Safety Steve Swanson.”

Laura Ochoa-Mata is a libero on the Varsity Volleyball team at Lowry. Playing volleyball has had a large impact on her life.

“Playing helped me set more goals.” Ochoa-Mata will miss a lot of things about Lowry athletics. “I will probably miss the comfort. If I start playing somewhere else it may be different.”

Self-confidence was the greatest thing she took from her experience. Her departing words for her fellow teammates were, “Work hard…”

“I’m going to miss being part of the team,” admitted Sophie Kristof, a midfielder for the varsity girl’s soccer team.

Playing soccer helped Kristof accomplish many things.

“It taught me to manage my time well,” she said. Most importantly, Kristof learned to work hard. “Just because we play for Lowry doesn’t mean we can’t make it to state,” Kristof joked.

Hayley Noble./ Mary Granath • The Brand
Hayley Noble./ Mary Granath • The Brand

Tanner Schmidt has played football for four years. He is a linebacker on the varsity team and runs the defense.

“It taught me to be more responsible,” stated Schmidt. The main influence on Schmidt’s decision to play football came from home.

“My dad played football in high school, so I just kind of grew up around it.” Schmidt has learned many important lessons from football but one he will always remember is to never give up.

To his team, Schmidt says, “Don’t let me down; I’m expecting you guys to win.”

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