Senior Voices What was your best high school memory?

Senior Voices What was your best high school memory?

By Jayna Hill Posted June 3, 2009

Collin Messerly. /Courtesy • Winnada

I don’t think I have one best memory. October 24th when David moved here that was pretty cool I guess. All the sports trips, being able to hang out with friends …. State basketball was pretty amazing, finally being able to be in state contending with a team of that caliber has always been a goal.

Mitchell Watterson. /Courtesy • Winnada 

One of my favorite high school memories is playing during the basketball games and being in pep band.

Laura Ochoa-Mata. /Courtesy • Winnada

My favorite high school memory was working on senior scrapbooks in Mrs. Ludlow’s class.

Jordan Sloan. /Courtesy • Winnada

My best high school memory was when I hit Mrs. Hill with a snow ball during a fire drill, and I got in-house; also when we made it to zone for soccer and we beat north Tahoe that was pretty amazing

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