Seniors, think like Cap’n Jack, have an adventure

By Katy Granath Posted February 18, 2009

Dear Senior Class,

This year is supposed to rock; it’s supposed to be the best year of our high school careers, the year we look back on and say, “Wow, high school was awesome,” The truth is senior year isn’t about winning Class of the Year. I know, I know, what a bold thing to say, but it is true, and you know it. Senior year isn’t about being crazy and pulling pranks; it isn’t even about having ownership of the coveted senior hallway or being the big bad bullies of Lowry. Senior year is about living a year worth living.

If you’re interested in an A+ senior year, I say we do it Captain Jack Sparrow style. (And in case you’re a little confused at how Cap’n Jack fits into your senior year, let me explain.)

First of all, Jack Sparrow knows what he wants. Remember that compass he has that points him in the direction of his heart’s desire? Well, it only works if he has a goal in mind. So ready your compass, and put together a list of goals you’d like to reach this year. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us for those long-term “become an astronaut” goals or the “reach level 80 of World of Warcraft” goals, so put challenging short-term goals on that list of yours. Make it a goal to get into college this year, or pledge to participate in lunchtime activities; maybe you want to take a road trip this summer or learn how to make crème Brulee. Well, it’s your senior year, so this is the time to do it. Chase your goals- it’s what Jack Sparrow would do.

Not only is Captain Sparrow good at getting what he wants, he never passes up the opportunity to try something new. Jack would tell you to “wait for the opportune moment” and then grab that chance before it passes you by. Since this is your last year in high school, enjoy it, and maybe do something you’ve never done before. If you’ve never been to a high school dance, go! If you’ve never sung the school song at pep assemblies, sing it once before you leave; if you’ve never camped under the stars, or been ice fishing, do it.

This is our last year in high school, so make it one to remember. Chase your goals, achieve your dreams, and try something new. Don’t be that person Jack Sparrow would say “If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it,” too. This is our opportune moment, our opportune year, don’t waste it pining away for summer and then college; enjoy your last semester of high school with great gusto. Pull out your compass, take a look at these last few months ahead of you, commandeer a few friends, and say, “bring me that horizon.”

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