Silly Love Songs

Silly Love Songs

By The Brand Staff, Posted February 19, 2014

To Shaelynn Hammagren, From Kaydie Tervort: “Madness” by Muse

To Everybody, From Kinzi Millholland: “Don’t You Forget About Me”

To Jake From State Farm, From Ale Cruz: “State Farm Jingle”

To Colton Lacy, From Wade Rose: “It’s Rainin’ Men”

To Katlin Brown, From Ryan Godinez: “Main Chick”

To Alma Rosas, From Diana Gomez: “Perfect Two”

To Calvin Connors, From Sydney Connors: “This Girl is on Fire”

To Carissa Lininger, From Tytin Johnson: “Barbie Girl”

To Alec Mayo, From Brandon Okuma: “We are the World”

To Rylee Mathis, From Lizzie Sims: “White Walls” by Macklemore

To Heidi Sanchez, From Alex Tomey: “Forever and Always”

Heidi Sanchez/Courtesy•Winnada
Heidi Sanchez/Courtesy•Winnada

To Jesse Diaz, From Victor Diaz: “God Gave Me You”

To Tanner and Justin, From Karen: “Mean” by Taylor Swift

To Kim Kardashian, From Clay Erquiaga: “Misty Mountains”

To Justin Albright, From Savannah Montero: “Bleeding Love”

To Taylor Jimenez, From Vickey Mendoza: “Do What You Want”

To Chloe Yates, From Jeremiah Teichert: “Tim McGraw”

To Mikey Prejean, From Shantell Pearrow: “Vanilla Sky”

To Kennedy Maga, From Shelby McKinnon: “Bubble Dome”

To Nate Chapman, From Chloe Yates: “Let Me Love You”

To Mrs. Cristina Aguinaga Veloz-Espinola, From Mr. Ron Espinola: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

To Annaleise Gabica, From Kyle Tarr: “Mr. Brightside”

To Michael Venzor, From Jacy Urian: “Bonfire Heart”

To Beau Billingsley, From Calvin Connors: “Somewhere With You”

Dylan Hollister. /Courtesy • Winnada
Dylan Hollister. /Courtesy • Winnada

To Leticia Gomez, From Jessie Thomas: “The one that got Away”

To Varsity Girls Basketball, From Jones and Shelby: “Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls”

To Clayton Schumacher, From Emalee Brown: “Give in to Me”

To Kyle Tarr, From Annaleise Gabica: “Love is Foolish”

To Kimberly K., From Devan LaTray: “Don’t you Forget About Me”

To Emma Kracaw, From Brycen Prokasky: “Uptown Girl”

To Beau Billingsley, From Aaron Carter: “I Want Candy”

To Paige and all of my friends, From Tanner Ames: “Best Friend”

To Justin Albright, From Tanner Lecumberry: “My Heart Will Go On”

To Dylan Hollister and friends, From Odessa Pearrow: “1,2,3,4”

Wade Rose. /Courtesy • Winnada
Wade Rose. /Courtesy • Winnada