St. Valentine was a guy you know

St. Valentine was a guy you know

By Kole Kracaw Posted February 18, 2009

Men are majestic and mysterious creatures who are mind-numbingly complex. They are fickle and persnickety; it would be impossible to adequately describe everything that men desire, but in honor of the most loving day of the year, it is time to spill the beans on what men want in their female companions.

Men come in a slew of varieties; they can be very picky about their companions or they may be open to anything. It is safe to say, however, that men want their women to go out with them and do big manly, burly things with them. Men want women who aren’t afraid to go and shoot innocent animals resembling Bambi and Thumper with monstrous guns and huge tire-toting trucks. They want women who would love nothing more than to spend a romantic evening at a motorcycle rally, women who aren’t afraid to have hamburger grease drip down their designer dresses.

Men want women who will watch testosterone packed sports like NASCAR and pro wrestling! Yeah! Men want women who like jets, fire, and explosions! Men desire women who like movies filled with nonsensical death and violence with guitars and lasers and Samuel L. Jackson!

Most of all men just want some good, old-fashioned love from the woman who’s not afraid to be herself.

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