Stellar ideas for kids on Spring Break

By Rianon Lehman Posted February 3, 2011

Spring break is coming up and some kids are still trying to find out what to do.

Spring break is that week where you go out and hang with your friends, family and others because now the weather has warmed up and you actually can. It’s time to get put and go have a Bar-B-Q or go ride in the sand dunes. You could also go visit with family that doesn’t live here, or go to the beach in California. Go out and try new things or try some things that the kids here at Lowry High are doing.

Henry Reid is going to Montana to visit his family because “My grandparents are getting old and we just want to go see them before their time.” In the past, he has also gone and visited his family out of town.

He suggests, “Number one you should visit your family and have a good time and make the most of your spring break.”

Taylor Clyde is doing something total different and has a different point of view for what he is doing for spring break.

“I might go hunting with my dad and uncle or my grandma might come down and we might just hang out at my house,” he said.

In the past, Clyde just sat around and played video games and watched TV. He suggests for spring break kids should, “Have fun and stay out of trouble, like don’t do anything illegal because then you get grounded and can’t do anything fun.”

These are some things that kids could try and do to stay active and have fun during spring break while staying out of trouble.

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